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HI, WORLD. Welcome to my blog about sushi, shopping, life lessons and observations, hot olympians, ikea, and of course, THE QUEST FOR THE PERFECT BEDROOM. I'm 24 and pretty much just trying to figure everything out, from my life all the way to how to build a bed. I also blog with my friend Kim over at http://aspirationsofolyvil.wordpress.com. We are crazy and hilarious. Go see for yourself! -- 2011 UPDATE: I'm 26 now, still really obnoxious, and still trying to figure it all out. Thankfully, I now have a job I really like. WHEW! That's a big change from the ole '08, which explains my blogging absence. Trying to keep up a blog with a full-time non-compy job can be difficult, but I'm making an effort to keep my legions of fans (lol) entertained. SEE YOU ON THE INNERNET, INNERNET. -- 2015 UPDATE: Still here. Still not blogging much. I'm 31 now CAN YOU BELIEVE? Now you can find me on sassybrunette.com. Maybe. If I remember to post something. See you there! Kinda!

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