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I’m aware I’m pretty much in the minority on this one, but I love the everloving crap out of this movie. I have a thing for ensemble casts (Anthony Hopkins! Nick Cannon! Joshua Jackson!) and period pieces and historical events, so combine the three and you have my dream movie.

Also, the scene with Shia LeBeouf and Ashton Kutcher just demolished on LSD is hilarious.

My favorite scene is the bit in the kitchen, where Laurence Fishburne is talkin’ about his cobbler to the Mexican dude:

“See, the first few times I tried to make this dessert, I couldn’t get it right. Too much sugar one time, not enough sugar the next time — couldn’t find the balance. I realized I was forcing it. I was trying to make it taste like my Mama’s or her Mama’s. Mine didn’t have any poetry, didn’t have any light.

And then I realized I was trying to force it to taste like my mother’s, taste like her mother’s. See, it had to be Edward’s creation. It had to come from me.

Now you, Miguel. You’ve got shit to offer. You have no poetry, you have no light.

You’ve got no one looking at you and saying, ‘Damn, look at that Miguel. I want some of what he’s got.’ All you got is your anger.”

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