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So, some of you may remember my rant about Facebook a few months ago. ALL OF THAT STILL HOLDS TRUE. Me and Facebook? Totally not biffles. But despite all that, I decided to take a break from my rigorous schedule of watching Under the Tuscan Sun (which is pretty much my FAVORITE MOVIE EVER DON’T H8) and pizza eating to log into the ole Facebook and take a gander at what my friends* had been up to this weekend. What I was faced with, however, was frightening, and concerning.

I mean, at first it was like a usual stroll down my news feed: Kirsten and Dee became friends. Yay for them. Natalie became a supporter of Obama/Biden. COOL. SUPER GLAD.

Tracy and Stacey have rhyming names. THAT’S GREAT. Morgan and Faustine are two people that I don’t know and have never met at all so I don’t really know why Faustine is on my list at all but whatever. Great for them. Alex became a supporter of Barack Obama, that’s AWESOME! Very proud of him.

BUT THEN! I saw something unexpected, and VERY puzzling:


Oh, I’m just joshin. I don’t care about Travis OR Rachel. However,  I do care about the fact that apparently someone on my friends list is a supporter of…. JOHN MCCAIN?!!? WWWWWHHHHAT?!

I’m.. .. I’m just speechless. I’m staring at my blog screen right now and I don’t even know what to say. Especially after the hilarity that was this weekend in terms of political news, I can’t understand why anyone would support John McCain at all, let alone BROADCAST IT IN FRONT OF EVERYONE ON A SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE!

It’s like that time that you were at a birthday party and you accidentally sat on a cupcake and got frosting all over your butt, but instead of hiding your butt with a sweater like I did… I MEAN LIKE.. SOMEONE DID, you go around screaming through the party: “HEY GUYS LOOKIT I’VE GOT FROSTING ON MY BUTT LOLOLLLL ISN’T THAT FANTASTIC? FROSTING… ON MY BUTT!!!” Who does that? No one cool. No one cool does that, okay?

In real life, John McCain is that frosting. And that butt… is your head! So WHO really wants to advertise the fact that they are a buttheaded McCain supporter? I mean GET REAL.

So now I’m faced with a dilemma. I have options here. I alwaaaaays have options. I could:

  1. Stomp off to Lauren’s profile and say HEY STUPID. DON’T DO THAT.
  2. Delete her off my friends list.
  3. Ignore this ridiculousness and go on about my day.
  4. Write a passive-aggressive status message.

WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?!!? Well, I haven’t decided just yet. But until I decide, I’m gonna sit here and watch friggen RICK SANCHEZ!?!?!??! covering Hurricane Gustav on CNN. GO RICKY, GO.

* – friends in this instance means: people I have not spoken to in upwards of five years, yet on whom I still need to keep tabs, for some ridiculous and inexplicable reason.


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I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. Since I’m creepy, I love the fact that I have all of these useful stalking materials RIGHT AT MY FINGERTIPS. But since I’m a normal human being who didn’t really take well to the whole college thing and graduated last semester BY THE SKIN OF MY TEETH, basically, it also kinda makes me feel like a big fat failure.

I went to school for Hospitality Management. I went to school on and off for 5 years (less and less, towards the end…..) and graduated by the pure determination and sweat of my mother, who basically would disown me had I not finally graduated. Hospitality Management was what I wanted to study from childhood, and I loved the program and loved my professors and I’m glad that I’m working in an industry that I really love.

The problem lies in the fact that while I may be working in the field that I always wanted to, I’m not ANYWHERE close to the goals I’m hoping to reach (you know, some day…. before I DIE.), and, lets face it, I work in a hotel. It’s not rocket science, here. I spend 50 hours a week catering to bitchy rich people who don’t appreciate the work we do for them anyway. And my degree thus far has gotten me NOTHING. I am still on the line, and the light at tne end of the tunnel seems to have blown out.

Facebook. One of my friends is finishing up her masters and is on her way to moving to Chicago in a few days. Another of my friends is going to Dominica for med school for a year and a half. So many of my other friends are up north at the Ivy Leagues doing Law School. And here I am, at the HOTEL, trying really hard not to cry into my Fruit Loops every morning.

What I do for a living is so vastly unimportant, unappreciated, and really, requires no higher education. Simply put, it’s a monkeys job. So why did I spend 5 years busting my butt trying to accomplish something that has proven in very little time to be a very expensive and completely useless waste of effort?

Not to mention how many of my friends from Highschool are in happy, healthy, functional relationships. Some of them are married, getting married, or have children already. Not that I want them to be unhappy or something but.. what? WHY? Am I the only one left that is completely anti-relationship? Am I the only one who is going to DIE ALONE? The reunion, when it happens, is going to be terribly embarrassing for me. Useless job and not even a boyfriend to show for it.

Gosh, Facebook. Social networking site? More like BLACK HOLE OF DESPAIR.

One day, I’m going to run off to the circus.

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