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Laurishly posting about her visit to the Toilet Seat Museum with Mermaidofthesoil made me laaaaugh, cos it remindedme of this crazy little place on Hollywood Beach called The Le Tub Saloon.

South Florida Tumblrs — have any of you been to this place?

It’s genuinely hilarious. As a South Florida native and as someone who used to work on Hollywood Beach and has thus driven up and down that strip of land huuuuundreds of times, I can attest to the fact that it’s easy to miss this place. It’s on A1A, facing the intercoastal, and hidden by tons of lush greenery. It’s easy to spot once you know it’s there, but yeah, it’s a HIDDEN JEWEL, that one.

So, my best friend Karla and I got invited by our friend Martie to her boyfriend’s friend’s birthday party at Taverna Opa on Hollywood one night. I don’t remember the exact details, but after waiting around for, seriously, over an hour (we saw that effing conga line circle the building at least seven times), for some reason we were denied entry — as is just par for course when I go out with Karla.

Dejected, grumpy, and hungry, Karla is like, “Well, we can go to Le Tub, it’s just a couple blocks up.” And off we went.

This place, man. It’s a friggen gem. It appeals completely to Karla’s and my sense of humor. There are tubs, sinks, and toilets scattered throughout this place. It is completely outdoors. When we got there, there were probably 5 people total enjoying the effing place, completely deserted, and really, really dark.

So we sat ourselves at a big picnic table overlooking the intercoastal: Myself, Martie, her boyf, Karla, and her boyf at the time. I’m constantly a fifth wheel — whatever.


The server brings over some menus. They are hand printed. Haaaaaaand Priiiinted, on Xerox paper, with drawings scribbled on ’em. She then begins to list off all the items they don’t have available — which turns out to be most of the menu. Fabulous.

We ordered many rounds of beers and, like, french fries. We sat around and shrugged and giggled that this was a night that would only happen to us.

Then, it started to rain.

I mean, it couldn’t have been more perfect. Past midnight, sitting in the dark, surrounded by toilets, eating french fries and a lot of beer. In the rain.

To top it all off, they don’t take credit cards there, and I was the only homie with cash. The boys had to take turns walking to the nearest ATM (the one on premesis was busted, no joke), and I am almost positive that we all overpaid because attempting to split a check by cellphone light is pretty impossible.

So yes. Only on Hollywood Beach, basically. I give this place an A+++++ WILL DINE AGAIN (in bizarroland, maybe). But if you’re up for hilarious adventures, it’s definitely for you. Apparently they’ve got the best burger in America, or something. I wouldn’t know.

[Also, I don’t know what would possess someone to take a picture with their crying newborn under a toilet seat scrawled with the words “Le Tub Dumb Ass Club Newest Member,” but damn if Flickr doesn’t show me the most wonderful things.]


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June 3, 2008

About a month ago, I was invited by one of my good friends to an event called DayGLOW, hosted at Club SPACE in Downtown Miami. I pretty much LOVE Downtown Miami, and after some research on the event, I really couldn’t turn it down. The premise is that you wear all white and get DRENCHED in neon paint for the duration of the evening. WHAT possibly sounds like more fun on a Thursday evening? Pretty much NOTHING.

After scoping out the official DayGLOW Website about 2,000 times, I was excited to the tips of my fingers for the chance to cover my friends in ooey gooey neon colors and listen to some of the best DJ’s in town while doing it.

I managed to find an all-white outfit that was cute enough without having to worry about destroying it, along with a thick silver waist belt, and a cute pair of strappy silver sandals (on sale! THANKS, DSW!). I was ready to get out there and have some fun.

My friends and I departed for SPACE around 11:45. None of us had ever been there, instead preferring our usual haunt, neighbor megaclub Nocturnal. It was a night of firsts for all of us, and as we walked in, we were immediately splattered with drops of paint from nearby party-goers. The music was relentless and it was an awesome sight to behold all of the bright blue emanating from the all-white ensembles of the crowd on the dance floor.

Apparently there was extra fun scheduled in the lounge and the terrace, but we heard it was kinda lame up there, and honestly, I didn’t even notice anyone going up there, or coming from there, so we all stuck to the first level. Anyone go up there? Let me know how it was.

We bought our paint ($5 for a pretty big bottle) — one green, one orange, and one pink — and headed out to the dance floor. It was such a relief to be in a club in a city that is so focused on constantly looking gorgeous and perfectly coiffed and styled, and throwing all of that out the window and letting go without having to worry about how your peers are judging you, just for one night. No one cared, because we were all having too much fun covering each other in paint.

The people around me were dancing and slipping and falling (which was HILARIOUS, naturally), and at some point there were so many people crowded around me that I could barely move. I made a brief escape to the bar before my friend came up to me, screaming, perhaps a little bit too excitedly: “CELISSE, OH MY GOD. THIS GUY IS REALLY SICK AND I’M GOING TO SAVE HIS LIFE!”

….Obviously, simple pleasures in my friend’s life, right? But I spent time with her as she took care of a boy who probably had just a LITTLE too much to drink, and our other companion made friends with someone else nearby. After Drunkie was feeling better, we made our way back to the floor and stood back and just watched everything around us. The energy was as electrifying as the colors flying through the air in every direction. It was kind of amazing.

I bonded with so many people that night, as odd as it may sound. I became closer with my friends who accompanied me, and I became even closer with my city, who never fails to disappoint me.

It was a great way to start the 4th of July weekend.

NEXT WEEKEND: Vodka Watermelons?!!?!

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