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Oh, but you guys already know me, so instead I’m gonna introduce you to the official ON THE MIC Podcast, hosted by myself, because I got tired of the 9am Coffee Break (there’s a backstory about it, but ANOTHER TIME, ANOTHER PLACE, right?).

Anyway, the blog is hopefully gonna get a little bit of an overhaul, and become solely focused on my podcast, since all my other blogging usually goes to OlyVil anyway. For now, though, the show is keeping the same format as the coffee break, but definitely keep checking back for new stuff coming in the next few shows. YES.

Alright, this show had a BUNCH of requests from GoTeamInternet, and also the WTF Tuesday, so that’s cool. Here’s the tracklist:

  1. Hot Chip — So Glad to See You
  2. Friendly Fires — Skeleton Boy (Request for Marie)
  3. Ou Est Le Swimming Pool — Dance The Way I Feel
  4. Mad Con — Beggin’ (Request for Tiffany)
  5. T.I. feat Justin Timberlake ❤ — Dead & Gone (Request for Paully and Tiff)
  6. LMFAO — Love Lockdown Remix
  7. Matt & Kim — Daylight (Request for Carlo)
  8. WTF TUESDAY!!! (The next three songs are all dedicated to KHAAAAANSUMATING, cos he’s a dick): Juicy Karkass — Punch ’em In the Dick
  9. Kate Nash — Dickhead
  10. Mickey Avalon — My Dick
  11. Pinback — Loro (Request for sex!death!robots!)
  12. Conor Oberst — Cape Canaveral
  13. Q Lazzarus — Goodbye Horses (Request for Skanko)
  14. Taken by Trees — Sweet Child of Mine (Request for Skanko)
  15. Franz Ferdinand — Ulysses (Request for Hena)

YEAH. If I didn’t get to your request this week I will totally throw them into the show next week so don’t h8, k? OK. Also PLEASE excuse the kinda wonkiness of the volume in certain places and the weird transitions between songs, because I’m using a BRAND NEW program to record and I’m still getting used to it. It’ll get better with practice, I promise!!

Here’s the show, enjoy!:

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Oh whine. This week is, unfortunately, not as epic as last week. HOW SAD FOR ME AND MY RADIO WORLD. Alas, I DO have a present for all of you who listen for TOMORROW. But until then, here’s Tuesday’s show on Party934.com.

Here’s the tracklist, man:

  1. Amanda Jenssen — For the Sun
  2. Lucas — Lucas With the Lid Off (Request for Sparky, FINALLY)
  3. Oh No! Oh My! — I Love You All The Time
  4. Say Hi To Your Mom — Sweet Sweet Heartkiller
  5. The Five Stairsteps — Ooh Child (Request for Carlo, dedicated to Cordula de Prey on GTI)
  6. Coldplay — A Rush of Blood to the Head
  7. Lovage — Pit Stop
  8. Final Fantasy — The CN Tower Belongs to the Dead
  9. Lykke Li — Little Bit (Request for Kim)
  10. Ingrid Michealson — Corner of Your Heart
  11. White Flight — Death Hands
  12. The Shins — A Comet Appears
  13. WTF WTF WTF STFU TUESDAY?! Journey — Don’t Stop Believin’.
  14. Yelle — Ce Jeu
  15. Low — breaker
  16. Hot Chip — Don’t Dance

AAHAAHAH. And that’s that. WOOHOO.




About Coldplay’s A Rush of Blood to the Head:

Kimberly: what a good ass song.

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