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Okay, I’m sorry, I said I was going to post this on Friday but I’M JUST FULL OF EXCUSES, okay? But the show is finished and ready and done on Valentine’s Day so I’m not considering it a total failure on my part.

I apologize in advance for how LAMEASS my mic breaks got towards the end. I am really, really, really sleepy. :C

Anyway, I think the playlist is pretty decent and I tried to include as many requests as I could in this show, but unfortunately I couldn’t get to everyone. I DID MY BEST. Don’t h8. Here’s the playlist for today’s show:

  1. Smashing Pumpkins — Cupid De Locke
  2. Bow Wow Wow — Fools Rush In
  3. Delerium — Magic
  4. Dandy Warhols — Wonderful You
  5. Flight of the Conchords — The Most Beautiful Girl (In the Room) [Request for Make Art]
  6. Britney Spears — Phonography
  7. Lovage — Book of the Month [Request for Bustie]
  8. Berlin — Sex (I’m a) [Request for Jay Def]
  9. Giant Drag — Wicked Game [Request for Pepper]
  10. Bjork — Big Time Sensuality [Request for FlyingFishStick]
  11. She Wants Revenge — Tear You Apart [Request for G/X]
  12. Massive Attack — Protection
  13. THE HAWTLINE, with guest host, ILikedGinger!
  14. Ginuine –In Those Jeans [Request for Artschooled]
  15. LL Cool J — Doin’ It
  16. Ginuine — Pony [Request for Tiff]
  17. Boyz II Men — I’ll Make Love to You
  18. Stars — My Favorite Book
  19. Lamb — Gabriel
  20. Lights — Drive My Soul
  21. Mazzy Star — Fade Into You [Request for Beej]
  22. Leonard Cohen — I’m Your Man [Request for Carlo]
  23. Counting Crows — Colorblind
  24. Passenger — Umbrella (Rihanna Cover)
  25. Archie Bronson Outfit — Harp for my Sweetheart

Listen to the show here:



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Oh whine. This week is, unfortunately, not as epic as last week. HOW SAD FOR ME AND MY RADIO WORLD. Alas, I DO have a present for all of you who listen for TOMORROW. But until then, here’s Tuesday’s show on Party934.com.

Here’s the tracklist, man:

  1. Amanda Jenssen — For the Sun
  2. Lucas — Lucas With the Lid Off (Request for Sparky, FINALLY)
  3. Oh No! Oh My! — I Love You All The Time
  4. Say Hi To Your Mom — Sweet Sweet Heartkiller
  5. The Five Stairsteps — Ooh Child (Request for Carlo, dedicated to Cordula de Prey on GTI)
  6. Coldplay — A Rush of Blood to the Head
  7. Lovage — Pit Stop
  8. Final Fantasy — The CN Tower Belongs to the Dead
  9. Lykke Li — Little Bit (Request for Kim)
  10. Ingrid Michealson — Corner of Your Heart
  11. White Flight — Death Hands
  12. The Shins — A Comet Appears
  13. WTF WTF WTF STFU TUESDAY?! Journey — Don’t Stop Believin’.
  14. Yelle — Ce Jeu
  15. Low — breaker
  16. Hot Chip — Don’t Dance

AAHAAHAH. And that’s that. WOOHOO.




About Coldplay’s A Rush of Blood to the Head:

Kimberly: what a good ass song.

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