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hawtlineCan I just say how much fun this show was? Like, seriously, Bizzy is amazing. I don’t even have anything to say other than that.

OUTTAKES ARE COMING SOON, most likely. Although I said that about one of the other shows and then I never did it because I’m a jerk :C NO BUT SERIOUSLY, outtakes soon! Maybe at the beginning of next week! HAH. No, uhhhh I’m gonna stop typing now.


  • Bizzy is amazing.
  • TWIGBy finally names his dong.
  • Bizzy speaks in a Kirsty-inspired accent and it is seriously the best thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life.
  • We talk a lot of crap.
  • Goats? And other farm animals? Seriously?
  • Other stuff.


Music featured in this episode:

  • Human League — Don’t You Want Me
  • Franz Ferdinand — Michael
  • Sophie B. Hawkins — DAMN! I Wish I Was Your Lover (AHAAHAHA)
  • A DOOMSTICK-inspired mini-track by the wonderful Jay Def

NEXT EPISODE, we have an exclusive interview with Bon Jovi, we do Sailor Moon RPG, and someone ties a pregnant TWIGBy to a wall!


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Good morning, internet! I’m back today with the newest edition of The HAWTLINE. This week TWIGBy and I interviewed the lovely Emm from GTI and together we created the most positively massive episode thus far, not to mention the amount of porn we discussed was just.. ridiculous.

Emm is awesome and this show was a lot of fun! Since it was a little longer than usual, I cut the show into two parts to make it easier to listen to. Each part is just around 40 to 45 minutes, so yeah HUGE show — I’m gonna try to keep future shows shorter but apparently I need to learn how to control content a little better! Hopefully cutting this one into segments will help some of you out, though.

ANYWAY, without further ado, this episode of the HAWTLINE, presented by Huggies Diapers, for the incontinent candy corn vampire in YOUR life.

Part One:

Part Two:


Music featured in this week’s episode :

  • Ambulance LTD — Stay Where You Are [myspace]
  • Rihanna — Pon de Replay [myspace]
  • Get Him Eat Him — Mumble Mumble [myspace]

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A few things:

1. It’s 6am and I haven’t been to sleep yet. WTF. I’ve gone ABSOLUTELY nocturnal. The other night (morning?) I didn’t fall asleep until ELEVEN AM. And then I slept until nearly FIVE PM. If I had any expendable income (…or any income) I’d invest in a small library of self-help books because LAWDY LAWDY knows there must be something wrong with me if I’ve completely turned into a hamster.

2. My crappy Ikea desk chair seems to have decided not to tilt back anymore. I keep throwing myself back, expecting my chair to comply, and it just WON’T. WHY, IKEA? WHYYYYY.

3. I am loving this Ida Maria track lately. She is so cute and 90’s and fun:

4. I hate Twitter. I also hate Tumblr.

5. New red nailpolish. Rarrrrr.


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I did a terrible thing today and started to think about things I shouldn’t think about, which ended up in me youtubing the video to one of my favorite songs ever by one of my favorite bands ever ever ever, “The Last High” by The Dandy Warhols.

The video is weird as hell (although apparently it’s a modernized homage to the 1981 Duran Duran video for “Planet Earth”), and Courtney Taylor-Taylor, hot as he is, looks a lil crazyassed, but the song itself is powerful and stirs up dusty memories I try to keep hidden away.

Strange video. Amazing song.

I was the first to have spoken,
and I said just about all of the things
you shouldn’t say.

So maybe you loved me, but now
maybe you don’t.

And maybe you’ll call me.
Maybe you won’t. Oh.

The Dandy Warhols — The Last High

Listen and enjoy. ‘TIL NEXT TIME, FOLKS.

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So. It was my friend Carlo’s idea that we do a show for Theme Wednesdays that speaks out against California’s Prop 8. He was going to co-host with me but somethin about his innernet not working. Oh, okay. ANYWAY, he completely compiled almost the entire playlist, and I think he did a great job, so that’s cool. Here’s this past Wednesday’s tracklist:

  1. The Queers — Night of the Livid Queers
  2. Bear Force 1
  3. Placebo — I Do
  4. Blur — Girls and Boys
  5. Magnetic Fields — I Thought You Were My Boyfriend
  6. Morrissey — The Last of the Famous International Playboys
  7. Josie Cotton — Johnny Are You Queer?
  8. Hedwig and the Angry Inch — Wig in a Box
  9. Gang of Four — I Love a Man in a Uniform
  10. Peaches — Gay Bar
  11. Franz Ferdinand — Michael
  12. Hedwig and the Angry Inch — Sugar Daddy
  13. The Killers — Andy, You’re a Star
  14. Da Hawnay Troof — Jump and Bump
  15. t.A.t.U. — All the Things She Said
  16. Q Lazzarus — Goodbye Horses

Wanna listen? Here:


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I have become so so so horrible at maintaining this blog anymore. I just have nothing interesting in my actual life to write about anymore so all of my GOOD content goes to OlyVil, and I kinda like it better that way. ALAS.

Anyway. I have some overdue blogging for today. Gonna start with ELECTION DAY COFFEE BREAK. That was a fun show. And that was a GREAT DAY, so I’m a happy camper. Let’s go:

  1. The Killers — Change your Mind
  2. David Bowie — Changes
  3. MGMT — The Youth
  4. Modest Mouse — The View
  5. Stars — Personal
  6. Air — Surfin’ on a Rocket
  7. Postal Service — Suddenly Everything Has Changed
  8. Interpol — PDA
  9. Manic Street Preachers — Your Love Alone is Not Enough
  10. M.I.A & Jay Z — Boyz Remix
  11. Maximo Park — The Coast is Always Changing
  12. WTF TUESDAY — Boyz II Men — I’ll Make Love to You
  13. Foals — Balloons
  14. The New Pornographers — The Laws Have Changed
  15. Jay Z — Change Clothes

If you wanna listen to it, here it is:

I also announced the results of the GoTeamInternet costume contest that I sorta hosted aaahahah. There were a bunch of really cool entries but these were the ones that stuck out the most:

John’s “Business Casual” entry made me ROFL the most:



3rd Place to Scurvy for his Richie and Margot Tenenbaums costume. IT’S CREEPY, BECAUSE IT’S INCEST:


2nd Place to Seemingly Satanic for her “Other Mom” costume, because I don’t think I will ever be able to handle seeing her in a twin-set and capri pants. Dude, no:

And 1st place in the Creepy category goes to Smart-Tea for her Black Dahlia costume. Because those scars are scary:


And finally, BEST ALL AROUND. This one was super super hard to choose, because it was pretty much down to two REALLY AMAZING costumes. But anyway.

2nd Place goes to Pepper for her friggen awesome Ursula Costume. I LOVE THE LITTLE MERMAID, MAN. YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW. She even made the eels and had them as part of her costume!

halloween 2008 by pepper!.

Omg. Tentacles. So good.

And the GRAND PRIZE (no prizes, sorries) WINNER OF THE GTI HALLOWEEN COSTUME CONTEST goes to MARIE, who was friggen Bird Flu. BIRD FLU. WHO THINKS OF THAT AS A COSTUME? ONLY MARIE. I love it love it love it love it love it. She had dead birds and syringes and EVERYTHING, MAN:

I love it. I LOVE IT TOO MUCH.

Honorable Mention goes to Giu, for being pretty:



Okay. Now I have to blog today’s show. I’m sleepy and sick and today I had the misfortune of watching someone poop in a public parking garage. It’s been a bad day, man. ANYWAY. Today’s show:

  1. The Walkmen — Thinking of a Dream I Had
  2. Hot Hot Heat — No, Not Now
  3. Walter Meego — Forever
  4. Clear Static — 97 Lies
  5. Broken Social Scene — Swimmers
  6. Datarock — Computer Camp Love
  7. Wolf Parade — Shine a Light
  8. Stellastarr* — My Coco
  9. Snowden — Filler is Wasted
  10. Stefy — Pretty Little Nightmare
  11. Kate Nash — Nicest Thing
  12. WTF TUESDAY — TLC — No Scrubs
  13. Cansei De Ser Sexy — Alala
  14. The Rapture — Out of the Races and Into the Track
  15. Young Galaxy — Come and See.

Listen here:

I’m going to pass out and cry now because I’ve had a headache for like 3485349 days. Or I’m going to watch the west wing, because that is what my life has become. YES!!!!

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It’s THEME WEDNESDAY again today. As I explain in today’s show, I totally forgot that this week is Halloween and I could have done a dumb halloween theme, so I made up some crappy excuse about why I chose this week’s theme. Really, the reason I chose it was cos I took suggestions on GTI, and -j. suggested I do an Animal theme, and I was kinda ehhh about it. But then when I asked Kim, she suggested the EXACT SAME THING, so I figured it was kismet. ahahaha. So thank you to both of them.


  1. Dinosaur Jr (Dinosaurs count as animals, RIGHT? YES.) — We’re Not Alone
  2. Doves — Catch the Sun
  3. Mountain Goats — Sometimes I Still Feel the Bruise
  4. Caribou — The Barn
  5. Cobra Starship — Send My Love to the Dancefloor, I’ll See You in Hell
  6. Arctic Monkeys — Perhaps Vampires is a Strong Word
  7. Chicken — Big Love
  8. Pitbull — Ay Chico
  9. Lamb — Gabriel
  10. Andrew Bird — Plasticities
  11. Landon Pigg — Falling In Love in a Coffee Shop
  12. Wolf Parade — We Built Another World
  13. Noah and the Whale — Shape of my Heart
  14. Little Mermaid — Kiss the Girl YES I DID IT DON’T H8.
  15. Tortoise — Everglade.


Ok much love.

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