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Oh hello there.

Hi there. I’m Celisse Marie Wordpower, and THIS IS MY FANTASTIC BLOG. I mean, granted, there’s nothing here yet, but I figure if boring people can have blogs, then super internet heroes* should be able to have them too!

This isn’t much of an intro, I know. But this will mostly be about my everyday observations and interactions and hopefully you’ll enjoy it and I’ll enjoy writing it. To be honest, I’m really a lot more into podcasting instead of blogging, but since my poor little podcast has been long-abandoned, I’m hoping to incorporate some of my podcasting capabilities into this blog and gain more ADORING FANS in the process! WOO AND HOO.

So now that I’ve introduced myself, I’d like to talk about something incredibly important to me, which has had a great impact on my life and on the lives of many many many millions of billions of people WORLD WIDE. I want to talk about *dramatic pause……..*Ikea.

Oh, glorious Ikea. BEDS and CLOSET ORGANIZERS and WALL LAMPS, oh my! The Ikea store in beautiful Sunrise, Florida has just opened this past Wednesday, which means that FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, the closest Ikea to me is just across town, as opposed to ACROSS THE STATE INTO GEORGIA.

In celebration of this wondrous occasion, I’ve decided to start an as-yet-unnamed decorating project. Every 2 weeks (or so), I will buy one (if I can control myself) piece of furniture in a quest to BUILD THE PERFECT BEDROOM! I’m actually very excited, because my life is obviously quite dull. But anyway. I have a set goal in mind, I want to have my bedroom set completely finished before the year is over.


Tomorrow morning, world, THAT WILL BE MINE. Its gorgeous, and part of the Malm set, which is my most favorite. I mean, I really shouldn’t be proud of being obsessed with really cheap, low-quality DIY furniture, but it’s JUST SO PRETTY. And just so cheap. And at this point of my life, when I’m just starting my career (or not starting, as the case may be), cheap, low-quality DIY furniture is really all I have in life.

Ikea. It’s not just a store. Its a religion. Stay tuned for more updates on the quest for the PERFECT BEDROOM HOHOHO.

* — totally kidding.


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