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Ok hi guys. I hadn’t done a show in a while so I have this TWIGBy EXCLUSIVE. I know normally I throw The Hawtline in a regular episode of On The Mic, but this particular episode was too massive and too hilarious so it had to be set apart on it’s own. So really, there’s no tracklist or anything, it’s just the Hawtline.


I had fun with that show. You can find TWIGBy on OkCupid (UGH) under the username the_wayigetby, or over on his blog, at continuousfire.wordpress.com.


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So. It was my friend Carlo’s idea that we do a show for Theme Wednesdays that speaks out against California’s Prop 8. He was going to co-host with me but somethin about his innernet not working. Oh, okay. ANYWAY, he completely compiled almost the entire playlist, and I think he did a great job, so that’s cool. Here’s this past Wednesday’s tracklist:

  1. The Queers — Night of the Livid Queers
  2. Bear Force 1
  3. Placebo — I Do
  4. Blur — Girls and Boys
  5. Magnetic Fields — I Thought You Were My Boyfriend
  6. Morrissey — The Last of the Famous International Playboys
  7. Josie Cotton — Johnny Are You Queer?
  8. Hedwig and the Angry Inch — Wig in a Box
  9. Gang of Four — I Love a Man in a Uniform
  10. Peaches — Gay Bar
  11. Franz Ferdinand — Michael
  12. Hedwig and the Angry Inch — Sugar Daddy
  13. The Killers — Andy, You’re a Star
  14. Da Hawnay Troof — Jump and Bump
  15. t.A.t.U. — All the Things She Said
  16. Q Lazzarus — Goodbye Horses

Wanna listen? Here:


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I have become so so so horrible at maintaining this blog anymore. I just have nothing interesting in my actual life to write about anymore so all of my GOOD content goes to OlyVil, and I kinda like it better that way. ALAS.

Anyway. I have some overdue blogging for today. Gonna start with ELECTION DAY COFFEE BREAK. That was a fun show. And that was a GREAT DAY, so I’m a happy camper. Let’s go:

  1. The Killers — Change your Mind
  2. David Bowie — Changes
  3. MGMT — The Youth
  4. Modest Mouse — The View
  5. Stars — Personal
  6. Air — Surfin’ on a Rocket
  7. Postal Service — Suddenly Everything Has Changed
  8. Interpol — PDA
  9. Manic Street Preachers — Your Love Alone is Not Enough
  10. M.I.A & Jay Z — Boyz Remix
  11. Maximo Park — The Coast is Always Changing
  12. WTF TUESDAY — Boyz II Men — I’ll Make Love to You
  13. Foals — Balloons
  14. The New Pornographers — The Laws Have Changed
  15. Jay Z — Change Clothes

If you wanna listen to it, here it is:

I also announced the results of the GoTeamInternet costume contest that I sorta hosted aaahahah. There were a bunch of really cool entries but these were the ones that stuck out the most:

John’s “Business Casual” entry made me ROFL the most:



3rd Place to Scurvy for his Richie and Margot Tenenbaums costume. IT’S CREEPY, BECAUSE IT’S INCEST:


2nd Place to Seemingly Satanic for her “Other Mom” costume, because I don’t think I will ever be able to handle seeing her in a twin-set and capri pants. Dude, no:

And 1st place in the Creepy category goes to Smart-Tea for her Black Dahlia costume. Because those scars are scary:


And finally, BEST ALL AROUND. This one was super super hard to choose, because it was pretty much down to two REALLY AMAZING costumes. But anyway.

2nd Place goes to Pepper for her friggen awesome Ursula Costume. I LOVE THE LITTLE MERMAID, MAN. YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW. She even made the eels and had them as part of her costume!

halloween 2008 by pepper!.

Omg. Tentacles. So good.

And the GRAND PRIZE (no prizes, sorries) WINNER OF THE GTI HALLOWEEN COSTUME CONTEST goes to MARIE, who was friggen Bird Flu. BIRD FLU. WHO THINKS OF THAT AS A COSTUME? ONLY MARIE. I love it love it love it love it love it. She had dead birds and syringes and EVERYTHING, MAN:

I love it. I LOVE IT TOO MUCH.

Honorable Mention goes to Giu, for being pretty:



Okay. Now I have to blog today’s show. I’m sleepy and sick and today I had the misfortune of watching someone poop in a public parking garage. It’s been a bad day, man. ANYWAY. Today’s show:

  1. The Walkmen — Thinking of a Dream I Had
  2. Hot Hot Heat — No, Not Now
  3. Walter Meego — Forever
  4. Clear Static — 97 Lies
  5. Broken Social Scene — Swimmers
  6. Datarock — Computer Camp Love
  7. Wolf Parade — Shine a Light
  8. Stellastarr* — My Coco
  9. Snowden — Filler is Wasted
  10. Stefy — Pretty Little Nightmare
  11. Kate Nash — Nicest Thing
  12. WTF TUESDAY — TLC — No Scrubs
  13. Cansei De Ser Sexy — Alala
  14. The Rapture — Out of the Races and Into the Track
  15. Young Galaxy — Come and See.

Listen here:

I’m going to pass out and cry now because I’ve had a headache for like 3485349 days. Or I’m going to watch the west wing, because that is what my life has become. YES!!!!

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It’s THEME WEDNESDAY again today. As I explain in today’s show, I totally forgot that this week is Halloween and I could have done a dumb halloween theme, so I made up some crappy excuse about why I chose this week’s theme. Really, the reason I chose it was cos I took suggestions on GTI, and -j. suggested I do an Animal theme, and I was kinda ehhh about it. But then when I asked Kim, she suggested the EXACT SAME THING, so I figured it was kismet. ahahaha. So thank you to both of them.


  1. Dinosaur Jr (Dinosaurs count as animals, RIGHT? YES.) — We’re Not Alone
  2. Doves — Catch the Sun
  3. Mountain Goats — Sometimes I Still Feel the Bruise
  4. Caribou — The Barn
  5. Cobra Starship — Send My Love to the Dancefloor, I’ll See You in Hell
  6. Arctic Monkeys — Perhaps Vampires is a Strong Word
  7. Chicken — Big Love
  8. Pitbull — Ay Chico
  9. Lamb — Gabriel
  10. Andrew Bird — Plasticities
  11. Landon Pigg — Falling In Love in a Coffee Shop
  12. Wolf Parade — We Built Another World
  13. Noah and the Whale — Shape of my Heart
  14. Little Mermaid — Kiss the Girl YES I DID IT DON’T H8.
  15. Tortoise — Everglade.


Ok much love.

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Oh whine. This week is, unfortunately, not as epic as last week. HOW SAD FOR ME AND MY RADIO WORLD. Alas, I DO have a present for all of you who listen for TOMORROW. But until then, here’s Tuesday’s show on Party934.com.

Here’s the tracklist, man:

  1. Amanda Jenssen — For the Sun
  2. Lucas — Lucas With the Lid Off (Request for Sparky, FINALLY)
  3. Oh No! Oh My! — I Love You All The Time
  4. Say Hi To Your Mom — Sweet Sweet Heartkiller
  5. The Five Stairsteps — Ooh Child (Request for Carlo, dedicated to Cordula de Prey on GTI)
  6. Coldplay — A Rush of Blood to the Head
  7. Lovage — Pit Stop
  8. Final Fantasy — The CN Tower Belongs to the Dead
  9. Lykke Li — Little Bit (Request for Kim)
  10. Ingrid Michealson — Corner of Your Heart
  11. White Flight — Death Hands
  12. The Shins — A Comet Appears
  13. WTF WTF WTF STFU TUESDAY?! Journey — Don’t Stop Believin’.
  14. Yelle — Ce Jeu
  15. Low — breaker
  16. Hot Chip — Don’t Dance

AAHAAHAH. And that’s that. WOOHOO.




About Coldplay’s A Rush of Blood to the Head:

Kimberly: what a good ass song.

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I went to see Obama yesterday. My butt hurts from walking MILES AND MILES. Or two miles. Cos I parked that far away. SHEESH. I wasn’t gonna park downtown and pay $20 to some doofus to watch my car for three hours. PLEASE. $3 by the beach.

ANYWAY, that is a story for a seperate post. You’re here for RETRO 90s WEDNESDAY on the 9am Coffee Break, my radio show for Party 934.

This show was SO FUN to make, honestly. It brought back so many random memories and crazy stories and was just a lot of crappy fun. People are always so WEIRDLY nostalgic for things from the 80s, but I can’t get behind that nonsense. I hardly remember anything from the 80s — my memories of that period don’t really extend past me in diapers, hopping and bopping around the house to Bruce Springsteen’s Dancin’ in the Dark, while poking my 1 year old cousins belly like the Pillsbury dough boy. And I only remember THAT cos I’ve seen it on video!

My memories from the 90s, however, and actually relevant. Things like bringing water balloons and other contraband to school so we could gang up on some kid, but totally getting caught and having to sit in indoor suspension the WHOLE DAY. Whine. And the summer that Simon Rex hosted MTV from The Rapids in West Palm Beach, and BEGGING my mom to take me there every single day. Loved that guy.

So anyway, this show was great for me. YOU BETTER ENJOY. OR ELSE. Here’s the tracklist:

  1. Inner Circle — Sweat (A Lalalala long)
  2. Montell Jordan — This is How We Do It
  3. Savage Garden — Truly Madly Deeply
  4. Verve Pipe — The Freshman
  5. Liz Phair — Mesmerizing
  6. 2pac & Dr. Dre — California Love
  7. Natalie Imbruglia — Torn
  8. Counting Crows — Mr Jones
  9. Boyz II Men — Motownphilly
  10. Ace of Base — The Sign
  11. Smashing Pumpkins — 1979
  12. Shai — If I ever Fall In Love
  13. Sunny Day Real Estate — In Circles
  14. The Cranberries — Linger

I’m sad that there were so many other requests that I never got to. I originally put a few of them in, but then I hosted this nutty thread on GTI which made me remember a whole crapload of songs I’d completely forgot about, and something had to go. The original playlist was pretty good, but this one I think is EXCELLENT. So, you know. hahhaah.


Wahah. ENJOY.

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If that happens, I will seriously just about cry my face off. I will have no face, because I will have cried it off.

Anyway, here’s today’s show. I really liked this one. It was pretty decent. SHOUTOUTZZZZ to Kimmy Falcon from OlyVil for letting me steal some of her Autumn Playlist for my show today. HOMIES.

  1. Death Cab for Cutie — Bixby Canyon Bridge
  2. We are Scientiests — The Great Escape
  3. Cold War Kids — Hospital Bed
  4. Kings of Leon — On Call
  5. Kate Nash — Mariella
  6. Bang Camaro — F.Y.T.F.O.
  7. M83 — Don’t Save Us from the Flames
  8. Snowden & Treasure Fingers — Anti-Anti
  9. Jay Z — What They Gonna Do pt. 2
  10. Extra Action Marching Band — Black Chicken [myspace]
  11. WTF TUESDAY TRACK: B52s — Rock Lobster. I know.
  12. Rogue Wave — Publish My Love
  13. Beirut — The Gulag Orkestar
  14. The Strokes — Modern Girls & Old Fashioned Men

Need a download of today’s show? Chekkit:

As for the events going down today, like I mentioned, Obama is gonna be in Bicentennial Park this afternoon speaking to voters. Early voting started YESTERDAY so make sure that you get that crap done before Election Day. It’ll be better for everyone involved, k? Anyway, you can find out some more information about the event here: http://fl.barackobama.com/MiamiChange

The Fools Gold CD Release party is gonna be tonight in Downtown Miami at the White Room. It’s a free show, 18+, and doors open at 10:30p. You do have to RSVP to get in, though, and you can do that here: https://secure.scion.com/scion/ssl/rsvp/miamiScionAV.do

Okay seriously, though. My show today was cool but tomorrow is going to be AMAZING. It’s RETRO 90’S WEDNESDAY on the show, and that ended up producing the most hilarious, nostalgic crap I’ve ever made. So yeah. LISTEN TO IT. OR I’LL CUT OFF YOUR HEAD.

Violence solves everything.

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