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Good morning, internet! I’m back today with the newest edition of The HAWTLINE. This week TWIGBy and I interviewed the lovely Emm from GTI and together we created the most positively massive episode thus far, not to mention the amount of porn we discussed was just.. ridiculous.

Emm is awesome and this show was a lot of fun! Since it was a little longer than usual, I cut the show into two parts to make it easier to listen to. Each part is just around 40 to 45 minutes, so yeah HUGE show — I’m gonna try to keep future shows shorter but apparently I need to learn how to control content a little better! Hopefully cutting this one into segments will help some of you out, though.

ANYWAY, without further ado, this episode of the HAWTLINE, presented by Huggies Diapers, for the incontinent candy corn vampire in YOUR life.

Part One:

Part Two:


Music featured in this week’s episode :

  • Ambulance LTD — Stay Where You Are [myspace]
  • Rihanna — Pon de Replay [myspace]
  • Get Him Eat Him — Mumble Mumble [myspace]

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Everyone knows about my daily battles with my Roomba, Rosie. Basically, she’s an ASSHOLE. She goes exactly where I tell her not to go and ignores the places where she needs to be the most. She gets caught on the welcome mat EVERY DAY and I have to go and bail her out. She barges into the bathroom and then can’t leave. I thought robots were supposed to be smart and obedient. Whoever thought up that lie hasn’t met Rosie.

But today, on this February 19th (20th), I had a different battle:

  • “Do I Wii-fit, or do I MarioKart?”

I have this battle almost nightly. Man, I love my ass some MarioKart. Something about being able to smash your enemies with a spiky BLUE SHELL FROM HELL really tickles my fancy. But I tend to limit myself to one video-game a day because 1. I don’t like video games enough to play more than one a day, and 2. I don’t have the attention span to play more than one video game a day, man. I just don’t. My bedroom is ADHD central.

In order to motivate myself to Wii-fit daily, because I am ridiculous, I have convinced myself that I have a crush on my Wii-Fit trainer, who I’ve lovingly named Terrance. I don’t want to disappoint or embarrass myself in front of Terrance, so I always make time for our illicit training affairs so he can whip me into shape with his strong muscles.


Oh, Terrance. I love your leg lifts.

But tonight, I still asked myself:

  • “Do I Wii-fit, or do I MarioKart?”

Sigh. All I’m gonna say is that I guess Terrance will just have to be EXTRA HARD on me tomorrow HOHOHOHO.

Did it just get weird in here?

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