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So. It was my friend Carlo’s idea that we do a show for Theme Wednesdays that speaks out against California’s Prop 8. He was going to co-host with me but somethin about his innernet not working. Oh, okay. ANYWAY, he completely compiled almost the entire playlist, and I think he did a great job, so that’s cool. Here’s this past Wednesday’s tracklist:

  1. The Queers — Night of the Livid Queers
  2. Bear Force 1
  3. Placebo — I Do
  4. Blur — Girls and Boys
  5. Magnetic Fields — I Thought You Were My Boyfriend
  6. Morrissey — The Last of the Famous International Playboys
  7. Josie Cotton — Johnny Are You Queer?
  8. Hedwig and the Angry Inch — Wig in a Box
  9. Gang of Four — I Love a Man in a Uniform
  10. Peaches — Gay Bar
  11. Franz Ferdinand — Michael
  12. Hedwig and the Angry Inch — Sugar Daddy
  13. The Killers — Andy, You’re a Star
  14. Da Hawnay Troof — Jump and Bump
  15. t.A.t.U. — All the Things She Said
  16. Q Lazzarus — Goodbye Horses

Wanna listen? Here:



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Oh whine. This week is, unfortunately, not as epic as last week. HOW SAD FOR ME AND MY RADIO WORLD. Alas, I DO have a present for all of you who listen for TOMORROW. But until then, here’s Tuesday’s show on Party934.com.

Here’s the tracklist, man:

  1. Amanda Jenssen — For the Sun
  2. Lucas — Lucas With the Lid Off (Request for Sparky, FINALLY)
  3. Oh No! Oh My! — I Love You All The Time
  4. Say Hi To Your Mom — Sweet Sweet Heartkiller
  5. The Five Stairsteps — Ooh Child (Request for Carlo, dedicated to Cordula de Prey on GTI)
  6. Coldplay — A Rush of Blood to the Head
  7. Lovage — Pit Stop
  8. Final Fantasy — The CN Tower Belongs to the Dead
  9. Lykke Li — Little Bit (Request for Kim)
  10. Ingrid Michealson — Corner of Your Heart
  11. White Flight — Death Hands
  12. The Shins — A Comet Appears
  13. WTF WTF WTF STFU TUESDAY?! Journey — Don’t Stop Believin’.
  14. Yelle — Ce Jeu
  15. Low — breaker
  16. Hot Chip — Don’t Dance

AAHAAHAH. And that’s that. WOOHOO.




About Coldplay’s A Rush of Blood to the Head:

Kimberly: what a good ass song.

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Good morning, FRIENDS. Not lovers, today. Just friends. ONLY FRIENDS GET SAID HELLO TO. Wahahaha. Anyway, it’s 8:33AM right now (at time of writing) and I am a sleepy, sleepy girl, considering I consistently go to sleep at around 4 or 5am for no good reason. Oh well, that’s life.

Here’s the track list for today’s show on Party934. I really like the music I played in this one, but as usual, I sound like a friggen doofus. Someone needs to teach me how not to sound like a dumbass when I do micbreaks n crap. I actually do edit extensively to make me sound like LESS of a doofus and I think that actually makes me sound totally worse so I’ve been trying to be less scripted and more on the fly with this whole thing.

Also, I talk too quickly for humans to process. Ah, well. TRACKLIST:

  1. The Inciters — Look My Way [official site]
  2. Kings of Leon — McFearless [official site] [Requested by Sparky]
  3. Jay Z — Beware of the Boys [official site]
  4. Roots Manuva — Witness (1 Hope) [official site]
  5. Diamond J and the Rough — Patagonia [myspace]
  6. Interpol — The Heinrich Maneuver (Phones Remix) [official site]
  7. Stellastarr* — Jenny [official site]
  8. The Arcade Fire — Haiti [official site]
  9. Ben Lee — Gamble Everything For Love [official site]
  10. Hot Chip — So Good to See You [myspace]
  11. The Hush Sound — Echo [official site]
  12. Cold War Kids — Hang Me Up To Dry [official site]
  13. Stars [*] — Better Be Heaven [myspace]
  14. Head Automatica — Beating Heart Baby [official site]
  15. Lily Allen — Everything’s Just Wonderful [official site]

* – I am slightly SLIGHTLY obsessed with Stars. So they are pretty much my House Band and if you listen to my show, you are pretty much guaranteed at least one Stars song, man. SORRY. But not really, since they are fantastic. OKAY.

Here’s the link where you can download the show: link.

And as always, for the lazy:

Tomorrow’s show marks the start of THEME WEDNESDAYS, so that’s pretty exciting. And then next week I’m gonna add a feature (probably to Tuesday’s show) called the WEEKLY WTF haahahah.

As for blogging about something NON-Party934 related, I’m workin’ on it. I have a rant piling up in my head and it’ll probably be up by the evening, provided I don’t become completely distracted with something else. Who knows.


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