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The 9am Coffee Break


It is nearly 5am as I am writing this and I am SUPER SUPER SLEEPY, but I told myself I wouldn’t go to bed before I finished typing up the track list for today’s show on Party934.com. This is because I love you all so much. I AM SO UNDERAPPRECIATED. Woe.

I’m a little excited, because I think today’s show is way way better than yesterday’s, and I anticipate them only getting better as I continue on this ridiculously unpaid musical journey. So yay for that, I guess. ANYWAY, on we go.

  1. Lejeune — New Best Friend [myspace]
  2. The Dandy Warhols — Solid [myspace]
  3. The Zutons — Havana Gang Brawl [myspace]
  4. Maximo Park — Graffiti [myspace]
  5. The New Pornographers — Testament to Youth in Verse (Request by -j.) [myspace]
  6. The Shins — Turn On Me [myspace]
  7. Low — Monkey [myspace]
  8. Lou Barlow — Home [myspace]
  9. Alphabeat — Nothing But My Baby [myspace]
  10. What Made Milwaukee Famous — Mercy, Me [myspace]
  11. The Young Knives — Turn Tail [myspace]
  12. Amanda Jenssen — Do You Love Me [myspace]
  13. Brougham — I Walked In
  14. Richard Buckner — Ariel Ramirez (Request by Eva) [myspace]
  15. Jarabe De Palo — Bonito [myspace]
  16. Andrew Bird — Imitosis (Request by Val) [myspace]

AAAAAND just like before, here’s the link for you jerks who didn’t listen to it LIIIIVE: Link.

Or if you’re an ULTRA lazyass:



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IHey everyone. Here’s the song list for today’s show over at Party934.com. I’ll be posting these immediately after every show, so if you’re interested in what you listened to on the show, remember to come back here every Tuesday and Wednesday morning at 10am to read the complete track list!

  1. Remy Zero — Prophecy [myspace]
  2. Sebadoh — Flame [myspace]
  3. Archie Bronson Outfit — Dart for My Sweetheart [myspace]
  4. The Assassins — Mile-High Club [myspace]
  5. Ms. John Soda — Outlined View [myspace]
  6. Young Galaxy — Wailing Wall [myspace]
  7. Zwan — El Sol [Poets of Zwan]
  8. Bonnie Mckee — Trouble [myspace] (She’s amazing and completely underrated! Check her out.)
  9. Bang Camaro — Out On The Streets [official site]
  10. Kate Earl — Melody [myspace]
  11. Apostle of Hustle — One More Night [originally by Stars] [myspace]
  12. Mark Ronson ft. Tiggers — Toxic [myspace]
  13. Sage Francis — Sea Lion [myspace]
  14. The Walkmen — Emma, Get Me a Lemon [myspace]

If you weren’t able to catch the show for today but still wanna listen later, I HAVE A HANDY DANDY LINK FOR YOUUUU!!

If you wanna save it to your compy (which is preferred so you don’t kill my bandwidth), you can right click, save as right here: link.

OR if you’re a true lazyass:


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